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Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. Mosquito Squad is ready to serve you! Contact us today by filling out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Tick Removal
Brookfield, IL

Alert The Squad!

Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. Mosquito Squad is ready to serve you! Contact us today by filling out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Brookfield Tick Removal

small tick on white paper in Brookfield

When ticks bite, they don’t just bite ant let go. It is important to deal with ticks as soon as possible because they usually feed on a single host for days at a time. The longer a tick feeds on its prey, the higher the chance that the tick will transmit a deadly disease. The safest way to remove a tick from your body is to use a pair of sanitized tweezers or a tick remover. Start by firmly gripping the base of the head of the tick with the tweezers, then pull straight up away from your skin. To increase the chance of a successful tick removal, try to avoid twisting or sharp sudden movements. If the mouth parts of the tick are left behind in the process, just use the tweezers to remove the rest of the tick. Then clean and sanitize the bite area, as well as your hands with warm soapy water. After removing a tick, it is crucial to dispose of it correctly. Dispose of it by putting it in a small container or a small zip lock bag, you can also submerse it in alcohol. Avoid applying heat, nail polish, or any other chemical in an attempt to get the tick to detach. If you find a tick, don’t wait for it to finish its meal, removing it should be your main priority.

Pest Control Professionals

At Mosquito Squad Chicago, our main solution for eradicating ticks from your Brookfield yard is through the regular application of our signature barrier sprays. Each treatment remains effective for up to three weeks and not only exterminates, but also repels ticks. Our barrier sprays also are effective at protecting you and your family against a number of other dangerous pests, like mosquitoes, fleas, and gnats. We offer a 100% all-natural barrier spray option for nominal invasiveness to the environment. All of our barrier spray formulas are registered with, and approved by the EPA. We are also recognized nationwide as the leaders in backyard pest control, and customer service professionals. Our top priority at Mosquito Squad Chicago, is your protection against Lyme and other tick borne diseases.

woman with dog laying in grass in Brookfield

In addition to our barrier sprays, and when treating areas in which ticks are especially active, our experts utilize “tick tubes”. Tick tubes are engineered to employ mice, animals which are most often the original sources of disease and one of the tick’s main sources of food. The tick tubes are implemented in strategic areas around your Brookfield property and contain an EPA approved insecticide treated fluff that is specifically aimed to exterminate ticks. After collecting the fibers, the mice then return back to their nests with the cotton, spreading the insecticide. The insecticide coats the mice’s fur, eliminating any ticks that the mice later come in contact with.

a tick tube for a Willowbrook property

Ticks On Dogs: Protect Your Pets

Humans are not the only target for ticks however, they also prey upon family pets, specifically dogs. When your dog or other pet ventures outside, a tick could easily crawl onto them, catching a ride right into your house. It is imperative to check your pets for ticks after being in the outdoors. You should always check for ticks on dogs when you get home from a walk in the woods, or even in a field down the street. If you have pets that enjoy the outdoors, it is essential to have a tick control plan in place for your home in Brookfield, IL. Ticks can infect your pets with many of the same horrible diseases that humans are susceptible to. Lyme disease in dogs is not unheard of, but Heart-worm is most dangerous when it comes to dogs. Don’t wait for a tick to harm your dog or endanger your home, contact Mosquito Squad Chicago to develop a plan for season long protection.